Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00, ICEC Session 2: Entertainment Systems & Technology
lecture hall: 8 CW
session chair: Zvezdan Vukanovic
Diminishing Reality Andreas Hackl, Helmut Hlavacs
Live Probabilistic Editing for Virtual Cinematography Luiz Velho, Leonardo Carvalho, Djalma Lucio
The Programmable Drone for STEM Education Patrik Voštinár, Dana Horváthová, Nika Klimová
A Taxonomy of Synchronous Communication Modalities in Online Games Quentin Gyger, Nicolas Szilas
The influence of digital convergence/divergence on digital media business models Zvezdan Vukanovic
Tuesday, 18:00 – 19:30, ICEC Reception + Posters + Demos + Art Exhibits
session chair: Javier Gomez, Benedict Berger
Data Reduction of Indoor Point Clouds Stephan Feichter, Helmut Hlavacs (Poster)
Designing ‘Wall Mounted Level’ - A Cooperative Mixed-Reality Game about Reconciliation Scott Swearingen, Kyoung Swearingen (Poster)
Automatic Generation of the Periodic Hair Motion of 3D Characters for Anime Production Kenji Furukawa, Susumu Nakata (Poster)
An iTV prototype for content unification Jorge Abreu, Pedro Almeida, Ana Velhinho, Sílvia Fernandes, Rafael Guedes (Poster)
Content unification: a trend reshaping the iTV ecosystem Jorge Abreu, Pedro Almeida, Sílvia Fernandes, Ana Velhinho, Ana Rodrigues (Poster)
Creating art installation in Virtual Reality. The Stilleben Project Jan K. Argasiński (Poster)
A mixed-reality serious game to tackle a public health problem Tiago Lima, Carlos Niquini, Breno Barbosa, Clodoveu Davis Jr. (Poster)
Converging Data Storytelling and Visualisation Yangjinbo Zhang (Poster)
A systematic mapping on game-related methods to tackle a public health problem Tiago Lima, Clodoveu Augusto Davis Jr. (Poster)
NOVELICA: A Visual Novel System to Make People Forget Their Negative Feelings on Mathematics Nobumitsu Shikine, Toshimasa Yamanaka, Letizia Jaccheri, Javier Gomez, Junichi Hoshino (Demonstration)
Imperceptible Art Aleksandra Vasovic (Art Exhibit)
Tappetina: an Ecosystem of Art, Software, and Research Letizia Jaccheri, Javier Gomez, Sindre B. Skaraas (Art Exhibit)