World Computer Congress in Poznań, Poland

  • The congress will combine content from industry and research, providing a place for integrating these two sectors as well as offering an opportunity to showcase and discover innovative ideas
  • The content will range from the latest international research, to leading commercial and industry-focused advancements
  • WCC will provide a unique opportunity to share with and listen to world-renowned experts in research and industry
  • An important part of WCC will be keynotes given by world-class researchers and leading IT practitioners
  • We aim at inviting the Alan Turing Award holders
  • The content will be provided as: keynote talks, regular presentations, panels, workshops, and contests
  • The main topics of the Congress will be focused on: Networks and Hardware, Software, Security, Data Science, Social Aspects of Information Technologies


The conference will be held at the Campus of Poznan University of Technology, Lecture and Conference Center.
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Lecture and Conference Center

Preparing IFIP WCC 2018

11 Jul, 2017, Warsaw, Poland

Mike Hinchey - IFIP President, Leon Strous - past IFIP President, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Robert Wrembel visiting the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Digital Affairs - Krzysztof Szubert.

From right to left: L. Strous, M. Hinchey, K. Szubert, J. Nawrocki, R. Wrembel

11 Jul, 2017, Warsaw, Poland

Mike Hinchey, Leon Strous, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Robert Wrembel meeting Prof. Paweł Rowiński - the vice-President of the Polish Academy of Science (PAS), Prof. Antoni Rogalski - a full member of PAS, and Dr. Anna Plater-Zyberk - a Director of PAS.

From right to left: A. Rogalski, A. Plater-Zyberk, P. Rowiński, L. Strous, M. Hinchey, J. Nawrocki, R. Wrembel

12 Jul, 2017, Poznań, Poland

Mike Hinchey and Leon Strous visiting the venue of IFIP WCC 2018 - the campus of Poznan University of Technology.

From right to left: J. Nawrocki, M. Hinchey, L. Strous

12 Jul, 2017, Poznań, Poland

Mike Hinchey and Leon Strous meeting the Rector of the Poznan University of Technology - Prof. Tomasz Łodygowski and the Dean of the Faculty of Computing - Prof. Andrzej Jaszkiewicz.

From right to left: R. Wrembel, L. Strous, M. Hinchey, T. Łodygowski, J. Nawrocki, A. Jaszkiewicz

12 Jul, 2017, Poznań, Poland

Mike Hinchey and Leon Strous meeting the Director of the Institute of Computing Sciences at Poznan University of Technology.

Honorary Patronage
Honorary Patronage of the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Poznań Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
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