Technology tour at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC)

We are pleased to invite Congress participants to visit the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), whose new headquarters is located on the campus of the Poznan University of Technology (about 600m from the Conference Center).

The Technology Tour at PSNC details

When: Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm,,
Where: We will meet in the front of Conference Centre at 4:15pm
What: Plan of the Tour:
  • PSNC Data Centre (1600 sq. metres), where the supercomputer Eagle is installed (computational power of over 1.4 PFLOPS),
  • Network Operations Centre operating 24 hours a day,
  • Laboratory of advanced visualization and simulation - CAVE,
  • Laboratory of telemedicine and smart environment.

If you would like to participate in the Technology Tour, please submit your interest by e-mail to the following address: Anna Gembara, PSNC (
Please, put „Technology Tour at PSNC” in the Subject field of your email.

The number of places is limited.

On Friday, 21 September 2018, PSNC will also host WCC Enigma Live event, which will begin at 9:15 am, with the invited talk delivered by Sir John Dermot Turing: Did Alan Turing see an Enigma machine at Bletchley Park?

Do not miss this exceptional talk!

General information about PSNC:

PSNC is the national e-Infrastructure Centre, recognized in Europe, which operates the National Research and Education Network PIONIER and the High Performance Computing Centre, providing the Polish scientific community with access to IT infrastructure at the current world-class level.

PSNC is also a leading research and development centre in Poland in the field of ICT technologies and their applications in science and other fields. Research and development carried out at PSNC by almost 300 researchers, are financed mainly from European Union research programmes, as well as national funds.

The number of projects implemented until 2018 was over 230, including over 30 coordinated projects. In the last 4 years, PSNC has already acquired over 40 projects from the EU's Horizon 2020 programme (including 5 projects in the area of Future and Emerging Technologies - HPC).

In the PSNC's headquarters, there is an infrastructure of many domain laboratories, which allow to offer a wide range of research and innovations services for industry including the automotive, furniture, energy, biomedical, logistics or creative industries.

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